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Are you a regular Amazon user that provides feedback to products? If so, you might be interested in the Vine program offered by Amazon, a selected group of reviewers who receive early access to new products in return for honest and thorough reviews. Here’s a closer look at the Vine program and how to check to see if you’re eligible if you missed your email invitation. At first, I thought it was spam when I saw the email, like most people who I told thought as well. Well, 3 years later and hundreds of product reviews later, I’m Vining and shining like no other!

What is Vine by Amazon?

A program exclusively available by invitation, Amazon Vine presents new and pre-release products to reliable reviewers. Members of the Vine community get discounted or free goods from participating vendors. They must write objective reviews based on their personal experiences with these products in exchange.

How does it works?

Invite only-Reviewers with a track record of offering insightful and useful reviews on the site are invited to join the Vine program by Amazon.
Vine members have access to a range of products provided by participating vendors. These items fall into several categories, including household items, books, and electronics.

Reviewing-Vine members have a certain window of time after receiving a product to give it a thorough test and post an in-depth review on Honest evaluations of the product should point out both its advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to include plenty of photos or a video of you using the product and responding to any questions other customers may have!

Feedback Loop-Amazon uses Vine reviewer input to assist consumers in making well-informed purchases. Sincere reviews help to enhance the general reliability and credibility of the platform’s product ratings and their sellers.

Advantages of Becoming an Amazon Vine Member-Early Access Vine members have the rare chance to offer insightful input by being the first to try new products before they are made generally available to the public.

FREE PRODUCTS-Reviewers get to try and evaluate a large variety of products for free. However, there is a catch to it. You need to report and pay taxes on items and stay on top of your profile evaluations. Your review contributions will be examined over the Evaluation period in order to determine your tier status.

Tier Status

Silver Tier-This is the base tier that allows you to request up to 3 items per day from products valued at $100 or less. To be upgraded to the Gold tier, you must review at least 80 Vine items and 90% of your Vine orders within the evaluation period stated in your Account page.

Gold Tier-This is the premium tier that allows you to request up to 8 items per day from products of any value. To remain in this tier, you should review at least 80 Vine items and 90% of your Vine orders within the evaluation period stated in your Account page.

While Amazon extends invitations to qualified reviewers, there are a few ways to improve your chances of getting one:

  • Write Excellent Reviews-Give careful thought to crafting helpful, honest, and thorough reviews that other customers will find worthwhile.
  • Development of Your Credibility-Participate in the Amazon community by regularly evaluating items in many categories and answering to queries and comments from customers.
  • Stay Active-Continue to update the pertinent information on your Amaz4on profile and keep up a record of recent reviews. You also get a neat little badge next to your name. Only certain folks get them!

How to check to see if you’re eligible for amazon vine program. Simply go to your amazon profile and in the search bar where you’d search for a product type in, “amazon vine program login” click on the Amazon Vine heading and it’ll either tell you you’re not eligible or take you to the Amazon Vine page. Here’s some examples.

Ultimately, via Amazon’s Vine program, ardent reviewers can receive free new products, offer their opinions, and engage with a lively community of customers. You may be a great fit for Amazon Vine if you like giving product reviews and want early access to new releases….and free taxable stuff!

Have you participated or are you participating in Vine by Amazon? Comment below!

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