If you’re looking for a place to find unbiased product reviews and active community engagement, you’ve found it at ReviewScene. I’m Brian Rosas, I am a man of faith, a proud husband, veteran, dog daddy, avid golfer, football fan (Go Chargers!), a Vine Voice (Gold Member Status!), and part of the Associates Program for Amazon.

For me, golfing is therapeutic, offering both solace and the kind of test that reflects life itself. It requires the values of strategy, patience, and accuracy, which I now bring to every review I write or content I make. It helps others more than you know!

I got my start reviewing products as an Amazon Vine Voice, where I’m fortunate enough to have been invited to try out and assess all sorts of cool stuff in return for legitimate reviews. It helps businesses and people like me prosper. I am more dedicated than ever to providing honest, objective reviews, and what made me want to start this blog.

Being genuine is important to the ReviewScene Blog. Let’s talk about product reviews, experiences, share content, honestly whatever you want!

The focus of this blog is to learn and grow every day. Help newbies such as myself grow their blog and profile. I believe when people from all walks of life come together in a community, we can all learn more about how to do things more efficiently that make for better online environments and experiences. Come be a part of our community of passionate individuals, where you can exchange ideas, seek clarification, and just have fun!

Your presence here on this thrilling journey means the world to me. Join me as I take a swing at making new friends, reviewing products, sharing content, and help one another prosper. 😀

Fairways and Feedback,

Brian R.


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